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Many people have questions about antique bottles that they have found or purchased at a yard sale or discovered in a family member’s attic.  Take some photos and head over to our discussion forum – many questions are answered each week.


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10 thoughts on “Learn about Bottles and Glass

  1. george brown on said:

    I found A bottl thats says HC breimeyer st.louis mo on one side and on the other it says contents in bottle not for sale and it has a capital B on the bottm can you give me any helpful info on this bottle

  2. rebecca smith on said:

    my son found an old log cabin clear glass bottle. it is shaped sort of like a ketchup bottle, and has a small handle near the top on the sie. it has the logo “loc cabin syrup” and has a samll log cabin just above the logo. do you have any information on this bottle. thanks. becky smith

  3. I found (on the shores of Lake Winnipeg,Manitoba) a small ( 2 oz ?) brown ,round,large lip,still corked bottle with a white chemical intact. The bottle is marked P.D & Co. 37A .I figure this is a medicine bottle and is quite old. Can you tell me what year it dates and any other info.

    • Bob,

      We know from Bottle Makers and Their Marks by Toulouse that PD & Co. stands for pharmaceutical company Parke, Davis & Co. which was originally based out of Detroit, MI. That mark on the glass began in 1875 but your bottle is probably 20th century. If the mold seam run all the way to the top edge of the lip, then it is likely post 1920.

  4. Helen Ayers on said:

    My brother has had in his possession for almost 50 years a brown glass bottle with a screw on metal lid as the lips. The fish shaped bottle was found in a long-dead doctor’s old office and most probably at one time contained cod liver oil. Does anyone have a value for this old bottle?

    • Helen,

      Yes, this did contain cod liver oil – I believe it was made for McKesson/Robbins. It is modeled after the 19th century Dr. Fish’s Bitters which is quite valuable. Your bottle is worth perhaps $5-10 in average condition and a bit more if it has a nice clean intact label and cap.

  5. Marija K on said:

    I am looking to sell a lot of 1950s 60s hand blown glass items. What is the best way of doing it? Do you have any suggestions? I am located in San Juan Puerto Rico, so shipping is an obstacle. Also I have a lot of Tapio Wirkala and Wegners signed pieces. Is there a good antique store that would be interested in Scandinavian and Danish glasses. Thank you so much.

    • Actually, I don’t think that USPS Priority Mail shipping from PR to the US would be that expensive.

      There is a decent market for midcentury modern items these days. You could auction them online yourself although it is a bit of work. Contact me directly for suggestions on auction houses or galleries.