Glass was first blown in the Mideast two thousand years ago but attention to collecting has only been around for about the past century. Antique bottles and glass of all eras including the very recent are collectible and sought after, although arguably the hayday of glassblowing for many collectors is the second half of the 19th century.


3-mold celery vase

Identification & connoisseurship of glass is a skill which takes time and patience to acquire. For every rule there seems to be exceptions whether it be color x is more valuable than color y or glass of a age x is more desirable than another. Throughout this site you’ll find information on terminology, glass colors, bottle categories, approaches to valuation and much more. Be sure to browse through our Learn section.

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California Wine Bitters

Appraised by Historic Glasshouse, this bitters bottle sold for $17,000! Find out what your bottles are worth with our appraisal service. We have over 30 years experience in our field – learn about collecting, get professional advice, or obtain a verbal or written appraisal.

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Whether you’re a beginning collector or just someone who stumbled upon early glass or old bottles and are trying to identify what you have, you’ll find our Learn section helpful.

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