Antique Bottle Appraisals

Our Antique Bottle and Glass Appraisal Service

Our appraisals are prompt and professional assessments of your bottles and glass. We work directly with you to answer your questions such as what your object was used for, how old it is, what its current market value is, replacement cost and more. Typically we communicate with you via email but can also provide written documentation on our letterhead for insurance purposes.

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Get your object appraised to find out a variety of information. The more specfic your questions, the better we can assist you.

Find out such things as:

•  Approximate age

•  Rarity

•  Use and classification

•  How object was made

•  Current market value

•  Location/region where made

•  Historical information / interest

Content of appraisal

Our appraisals submittal form prompts you to provide detailed information about your object and also lets you tell us what your specific questions are. In general, we provide:

• estimation of current market value;
• approximate age of object;
• use and category of object;
• rarity, and;
• usually some comment of historical interest

How soon you will hear from us

If you submit an appraisal online along with digital photos and payment by credit card, in most cases you will hear from us within 3 business days (weekends and holidays excluded). If you mail us the appraisal form, please allow up to 2 weeks for a response. Note: we can respond to you only after payment is received.

If we are unfamiliar with your object

We will tell you so, and you will not be charged. You may submit your appraisal without payment as an inquiry. Once you hear back from us, then you can submit payment separately by credit card or by mail. Please note this will delay our response until payment is received.

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