EG Booz Old Cabin Whiskey

The distinctive cabin-shaped EG Booz Whiskey bottle is certainly one of the most famous of American bottles and one of the most reproduced. This bottle was originally produced in 6 molds and originals are almost always amber or olive green in color, with rare aqua and clear.

Most reproduction Booze Bottles can be detected by studying the details of the corners of the peaks of the roof. In reproductions, the cut off corners of the roof will extend below the first row of shingles.

Distinguishing marks on repro examples include CB on the base, which stands for Clevenger Brothers of New Jersey. Examples marked “Nuline” or “Booz Bottle” are of more recent vintage.


There is no shortage of tall tales on the Internet – it is not hard to find an opportunist selling or auctioning an EG Booz bottle with a deliciously seductive story and plenty of hype. Here are bits of actual stories I have seen:

1. The bottle was found in the basement of a very old house. That is interesting, but it tells you nothing.

2. My grandparent collected this bottle. Therefore it must be very old. Yup, they may have bought it when they were in their 80s in 1975.

3. The bottle was found buried in the ground. Great! That dirt is millions of years old, but your bottle isn’t.

4. I saw a picture online of a real one. Mine looks just like it. The proof is in the details. Read on…


New Jersey Glass and EG Booz expert Tom Haunton has written a book with CD-ROM entitled Tippecanoe and E.G. Booz Too!. This work covers both the six 19th-century cabin bottles described by George McKearin in his book, American Glass, plus all the known reproductions. Tom covers 31 repro varieties and there are undoubtedly more to come. It’s meticulously researched and included are professional b/w photos throughout the text plus color images on the CD.

Tom sold out the printed copies of the book but he is still selling the book in PDF format on CD. If you are interested in purchasing a disc, contact us and we will put you in touch with him.

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30 thoughts on “EG Booz Old Cabin Whiskey

  1. I know Boos was born in Bucks County PA. Many years ago I read he once lived on W. Mechanic Street in New Hope, Bucks County PA in what later was the Towpath Restaurant, where I lived for 6 years. It is about to be torn down and I can’t find anything relevant to Booz & that building now. Does anyone know about this?

  2. I have both an Amber and a Green bottle. Both have the label on one side and EC BOOZE ‘S
    OLD CABIN WHISKEY WITH 1840 on the oposite side.The only diference in the 2 except for the color is that Wheaton,, NJ is close to the break off on the bottom and the green bottle has Wheaton, NJ around the outside of the indented part of the bottom. Please advise and off a value. Thanks

    • Christopher Woods on said:

      Tom Haunton, in his book, “Tippecanoe and E.G. Booz Too!” (4th Edition) lists five molds attributed to Wheaton Glass. I do not believe you will find much if any difference in value among the five molds. While some of the reproduction bottles do command high prices, many sell in the sub $20 range. I would include your two bottles in that value category.

    • Lisa Vancil on said:

      I have a E.G. Booz bottle with the label of the Cabin And the Kentucky Straight Bourban Whiskey is missing all the first letters on the label. This was my dads and now I have it. Not sure what it’s worth is need help

  3. I have this amber/brown cabin shaped bottles with Wheaton, N.J. On the bottom. I’m sorta lost because mine has both the front and back label attached. It’s Stitzel-Weller Cabin Still Hand Made Sour Mash Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. 1955 s.w.d., established 1849. “The Sportsman Bourbon, 86 Proof. This whiskey is five years old.

    I’ve researched the above brands history and even found a matching label but did not find d anything about the using A Booz’s or Wheaton bottle.
    Can someone tell me more on this please?

  4. Have E.G old cabin whiskey bottle (purple) that is E.C. To my knowledge all original facts seem right. Could mine be an original?

      • Melissa on said:

        Hello, any info on this one? E.G. Booz’s Old Cabin Whiskey on one side of cabin and one side of roof, 1840 on other side of roof, and on other side 1-20 Walnut St, Philadelphia. I will try to post photos.

  5. jamie volkering on said:

    i have one of the e.g. boozs bottles wondering if it’s real or not bottom of bottles says boozs bottles nothing else date on side is dates 1840 tring to find help on it

  6. I have one eg booz bottle with all the same numbers as Tam and Sue, but mine has the labels on it. the cut appears to be only on the top row of the shingles, but i am not sure if its original or a copy. If there original how much are they worth.

  7. Gillian Stark on said:

    I have a bottle with the same description as Sue Taylor’s bottle:


    On the bottom of the bottle is:
    12 A 54
    but off a digit or two.

  8. Carl on said:

    Well, I can say that after some dilligent research, I know I have one of the originals!

    I am 50 years old and my mother is 72. She gave me this bottle with this story: ” I saw it in an old cabinet at my great-grandmothers house when I was little, I told daddy that I wanted that bottle and he got it for me. So, THIS is your great-great-granddaddy’s”. Wow, what a find.

    • I just spoke with Tom at the Baltimore Bottle Show about stocking copies of this CD as well as his new book on New Jersey glass…won’t have them for a month or two.

      I’ll send you a private message with his contact info. so you can contact him directly.

  9. Sue Taylor on said:

    I have an amber log cabin bottle that seems to be original. It is embossed thusly:

    On the bottom of the bottle is:
    12 A 54

    • Sue,
      I also have a bottle of the same description. The only difference is the last number on mine is 2.
      Did you ever find out anything about this bottle?

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